Facebook Will Change Algorithm, So Like TikTok?


Facebook Will Change Algorithm, So Like TikTok?


Facebook Meta is rumored to be changing some parts of their algorithm, some sources say that Meta plans to change the algorithm similar to the social media platform Tiktok

Meta has long inflamed their social media, to make it easier to use. This can be seen from the changes in the user interface, to the addition of much more modern features.

Before Instagram had the Reels feature, Meta first introduced a video feature that would pass on your homepage randomly. You provide support by liking content, commenting, and sharing video content.

Apparently, Meta is back with the latest feature by changing their algorithm, rumored from several employees who work at Meta. The company developed a new algorithm, which is more similar to the Chinese social media platform Tiktok.

Launching from The Verge, in a statement from Meta executive, Tom Alison. Alison stated that the Meta company has a new plan that will feature a video of the accounts they follow, pages such as the Fans Page and some of the accounts they follow.

Alison also added, that in recent months these features and Messenger (part of Meta) have had changes in terms of user interface and features. Where, the appearance and features began to change, following the views and features on Tiktok Message.

The change in function, where the Appearance of Feeds from Meta will be similar to the appearance of Tiktok Feeds, certainly has its own challenges between these two social media platforms.

Competition for market and consumer interest will increase, where these two platforms have looks and features that are close to each other. When Instagram was developed Meta, by adding a Reels feature similar to Tiktok.

The design of Facebook Meta, to change the appearance and function of its features, to look like Tiktok, is due to an increasingly expanded target market. Alison also said that, it is quite a risk- taking, because the public is likely to be confused, to use the right platform in seeking entertainment and communicating.

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerbeg as the founder of Meta is currently busy with preparing various products such as Smart Glass, to building a Metaverse world which is enough to make the internet world curious about him.