How to download Citrix Receiver on Computer?


How to download Citrix Receiver on Computer?


In this millennial era, which all uses the internet and computers, employees are required to work extra fast. Especially for employees whose work activities are facilitated by computer devices and the Internet. Sometimes field conditions hinder their performance, for example, such as traffic jams when leaving for the office.

In recent years, there has been a rampant use of the BYOD concept in doing office tasks. BYOD is an acronym for Bring Your Own Device. A simple analogy, an employee can do his office work from an out-of-office environment.

Citrix answers the needs of these employees by presenting desktop virtualization technology, XenDesktop. With the help of this application feature, employees can do anything anywhere without being bound to be in the office.

Uses of Citrix Receiver

By implementing desktop virtualization, Citrix XenApps answers the challenges of the world of work today. The time of working hours is getting thinner. Professional workers who are used to using mobile devices can access applications that are heavier than different platforms than their mobile devices, which in fact normally cannot.

The existence of Citrix XenApps presents its own challenges for the company's IT team to open access so that Windows-based applications can be run on mobile devices. Of course this is not something common, for example we want to open the *.cdr file with CorelDRAW using a mobile device. Isn't there no Android or iOS version of the CorelDRAW app? However, this kind of case can be solved with XenApps technology.

With Citrix XenApps, we are offered a new way of working. How do we not have to come to the office but the work that allows it to be done outside the office, can still be completed as if we were also present in the office. The working space and time have become more flexible and practical.

The way XenApps works is basically to place the application so that it can be accessed remotely by the user. The IT team places the application on a datacenter or virtualization server, then opens access through the protocol to users who will be given access according to company policy. This technology is called RDSH (Remote Desktop Shared Hosted), which automatically sets up sessions for many users from a single Windows server.

Maybe for a moment you thought what is the difference between XenApps and PROXMOX, UltraVNC, or AnyDesk? In short, XenApps is more like PROXMOX, but XenApps Desktop here is software that is installed and optimized for the Windows Server platform. Meanwhile, PROXMOX is a virtual operating system that can accommodate many operating systems (almost similar to VirtualBox but in the form of a set of computer devices specifically for virtuliasation).

Download the Latest Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver is useful software for accessing applications that are installed, configured, and then shared on the XenApps Desktop program through a data center or Windows Server-based server. With Citrix Receiver, users of Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile mobile devices can run Windows-based programs from their device screen. Download the latest and free Citrix Receiver via the link below: