Download the Latest WindowGrid 2022 (Free Download)


Download the Latest WindowGrid 2022 (Free Download)

WindowGrid is a software designed by Joshua Wilding, this software offers interesting advantages related to customizing the appearance on Windows PC. By maximizing this display, you work more easily and full integration with every window accessed.

As we know, the Windows operating system has now undergone many significant changes. There are many excellent features, which we can now use to maximize performance.

Windows again presents a versatile feature or Multitasking Tab, which you can use to open more than two software at once. The window display is also maximized with more precision, where all software will be displayed with a balanced portion of the Desktop.

WindowGrid comes as one solution, for those of you who are not too comfortable using the Multitasking Tab feature from Windows. This software offers similar advantages, but it is different in terms of customization. Interested? Check out more in this article.

Features and Advantages of WindowGrid

WindowGrid offers interesting advantages that you can maximize, for work needs. Unlike the Multitasking Tab feature from Windows, WindowGrid offers similar features but the window size can be customized.

Designed using the C++ and C# programming languages, you can easily use WindowGrid with no problems at all. This is because the programming language used has long been adopted by Windows. So that the performance can continue to be stable.

Evidently, until now WindowGrid is able to be operated on various types of operating systems windows versions, such as Windows 7, 8, 10, to 11 as it is today. WindowGrid also supports use in PCs with low, to high specifications. So, curious about what are the features in WindowGrid, see more below!

Simple to Control
To be able to use WindowGrid is actually very easy, this software only needs the Window space you create. For the rest, you just need to move the other software to the Window space you have created, with only need to Drag & Drop.

Auto Update
You don't need to hesitate to use WindowGrid, this software is very minimally occurring Bugs. This is because, the developer has equipped WindowGrid with an automatic update feature.

Support Any System
WindowGrid can work more optimally on all types of PCs with different systems, WindowGrid is capable of being operated on PCs with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Also, it can work very well on all OS series from Windows.

Custom WindowGrid
You can resize a WindowGrid with just one touch, just need to resize the Window and run other software on the Window you have created. You can close it with the Closed feature.

Download the Latest WindowGrid

WindowGrid is also quite light to use, for those of you who want to use WindowGrid, you can install it very quickly and easily. You can also uninstall, and reinstall it with no constraints.

WindowGrid is a software that will maximize PC performance, this software makes it easier for users to be able to create the latest Windows with unlimited customization. You can use WindowGrid, to operate multiple tabs. You can get the latest WindowGrid download below: