NVIDIA Control Panel Download For Windows (New)


NVIDIA Control Panel Download For Windows (New)


For fans of games, it may be familiar when hearing NVIDIA. NVIDIA itself is a hardware in the form of a Graphics Card that can maximize game performance. To be able to access NVIDIA features, you can download software that is specially integrated with NVIDIA Card Graphics.

NVIDIA Control Panel is software specifically designed to access NVIDIA features to be able to adjust the performance of a PC or Games. By using the NVIDIA Control Panel you can set the resolution up to the highest when playing games, not only that nvidia control panel can access all features related to NVIDIA. Like you can control 3D Animation for Games that have 3D graphics.

You can also set adjust colour for deskop, NVIDIA Control Panel can also set multi-monitor tools that allow you to be able to access the Display Arrangement and rotation. It doesn't stop there, you can also access management on the GPU on your device.

NVIDIA Control Panel Features

What makes NVIDIA Control Panel so important for PC users with NVIDIA Cards is that by using nvidia control panel you can access all parts of the PC that require graphics to be directly connected to NVIDIA Drive.

NVIDIA Control Panel is a Free License software aka you can download and install it for free and easily, of course this software can only be used on PCs that have used NVIDIA Graphic Cards on the GPU. NVIDIA Control Panel will not run on PCs that only use Intel and AMD Graphic Cards.

NVIDIA Control Panel has advanced features that you can access and modify, of course this can only be done on pCs that have NVIDIA Graphic Card installed and NVIDIA Control Panel software. With it you can access the following features:

  1. Access GPU management
  2. Max Frame Rate. Preparing the upcoming frame according to command
  3. Image Sharpening
  4. Low Latency Mode
  5. OpenGL Rendering GPU
  6. Optimize for Compute Performance
  7. Power Management Mode
  8. Shader Cache
  9. Textur Filtering (Anisotropic Sample Optimization, Negative LOD Bias, Quality, Trilinear Optimization)
  10. Triple Buffering
  11. Vertical Syinc
  12. Cuda-GPUs
  13. Virtual Reality Pre-Rendered Frames
  14. Control Graphic
  15. Free Access for PC with NVIDIA Graphics
  16. Anistropic Filtering. It is very useful for creating textures in 2D and 3D images for more detail

Download NVIDIA Control Panel

NVIDIA Control Panel has a Friendly interface or interface, has the advantage of being able to access and edit such as contrast settings on the PC, colors on games, accessing GPU management, and has features to be able to see the operating system performance system.

The advantage that is no less important given to users is that with the NVIDIA Control Panel you do not need to enter the BIOS system when you want to modify the PC and can adjust