Download PuTTY 32 / 64-bit For Windows (Latest 2022)


Download PuTTY 32 / 64-bit For Windows (Latest 2022)


Computer or laptop remote sessions often occur in the world of work. Especially if the distance between the server computer and the computer used by the employee is quite far. Then usually remote or takeover sessions by server computers to ordinary computers often occur. Usually computer remote sessions are performed by the boss or boss of the company.

Where by using this remote session, the data transfer process becomes faster. When compared, employees must first go to the leadership place to submit the results of the work. In addition, remote sessions are also often used to repair software and hardware damage that occurs on employees' computers or laptops.

To be able to use a remote session, of course, the server computer and the computer used by employees must have the same software installed. Where the function of this software will be as a liaison between the server computer and the computer that wants to be remote. One of the software for computer remote sessions that is often used is PuTTY.

Features in PuTTY

PuTTY was first launched in October 2000 by Simon Tatham. Since its appearance, this software has been used by many people. Moreover, PuTTY is open source so it is easy for anyone to develop. The features that you can use and enjoy from PuTTY are:

Graphics SFTP file transfer

PuTTY runs with an SSH port where with this software you can transfer graphics SFTP files for free and of course with a fast time.

Remote computer

The main use of PuTTY is software for remote computers. Even if your connection is poor and the remote session suddenly disconnects then this software can reconnect the remote session automatically.

Only for Windows

One thing you should know is that the features that PuTTY has can only be used on computers based on the Windows operating system.

FTP protocol bridge to SFTP

The next feature possessed by PuTTY is the link between ftp protocol to SFTP.

Download Latest PuTTY For Windows

PuTTY is included as an easy-to-use remote computer software. Moreover, the size of this software is quite small so it doesn't take long to download and install it. For those of you who are using this software for the first time then you can follow the steps to use it below.

First, Download PuTTY for Windows via the link below then install it on every computer you want to be remote including server computers. When install put in the C driver for this PuTTY. In this connection settings you will be asked to fill in several fields such as Host Name, Port, and Connection Type. If you have finished filling in then select open to use PuTTY.