How to Download Twitter Videos with Termux, Works!


How to Download Twitter Videos with Termux, Works!


How to Download Twitter Videos - Twitter is a social media platform that is loved by netizens ranging from artists to young people, even very popular in the world after Instagram. 

Quoted from its official page, Twitter, the Twitter platform is a service for friends, family, and work friends to communicate and stay connected through fast & frequent message exchanges. The user posts a Tweet, which can contain photos, text, links, as well as videos.

Well, regarding videos on Twitter, anyone asks how to download videos from Twitter? There are various ways ranging from application assistance to a special website to save twitter videos. Because Twitter doesn't have a save video/photo feature. So, you save it by downloading Twitter videos via 'third person'. In the following article, the admin will share an easy way to download Twitter videos, namely using Termux.

Download Twitter Videos with Termux

As we explained earlier, there are many ways to get videos from twitter. One of them uses the Termux App. A glimpse of termux. Termux is not a social media app. nor is it an application used for chatting, especially for gaming. 

In google playstore, you will find an explanation that Termux is an emulator terminal and Linux environment based on Linux Debian.

Those of you who just understood this designation may be confused, what is a terminal emulator? Simply put, the emulator terminal is similar to Command Prompt (CMD) on Windows or Linux. If CMD exists on Windows or Linux, this emulator terminal is in the form of Android operations. 

This terminal is used to fill in, show, obtain data. Then how to download Twitter videos with termux? Check out the details below:

Script Download Video Twitter

If you don't have Termux, please download it first on the playstore application store. If you have finished downloading, immediately install it. Then open Termux and type:

$ Pkg install python
$ git clone
$ cd twitter2mp4
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
Script Description :
$ python -h
usage:  [-h] [-d DIR] [-fn FILENAME] [-l] url

positional arguments:
URL The URL to the video you wanna download (ex.

optional arguments:
-h, --help | show this help message and exit
-d DIR, --dir DIR  | The directory you wanna save the downloaded video/s to.
-fn FILENAME, --filename FILENAME | Custom filename for the downloaded video.
-l, --link | Will output a direct URL to the video.
$ python -fn funny_video
How about it, it's easy, isn't it? If you want to learn about Termux we have already created an article about Learning Termux please visit. Hopefully, the tutorial on How to Download Twitter Videos with Termux can be useful for all. Thanks!