Zenless Zone Zero Download FREE, For Android, iOS and PC


Zenless Zone Zero Download FREE, For Android, iOS and PC


Looking to know the zenless zone zero download link information? Here's the latest game information from HoYoverse that also developed Genshin Impact Android. Find out more here.

Playing video games for some people seems to be a powerful remedy to drive away the fatigue of routines. The reason is that through gaming activities, it is said that it can reduce stress levels and help overcome excessive depression.

Until now around the world there are quite a lot of types of games to choose from according to your interests. According to various sources, at least more than 30 of the most popular game categories are available on the Android Google Play Store, 27 on the iPhone (Apple store) and 16 counted on PCs or laptops.

Of the many mentioned, RPG games may be more in demand. Like this new action game called Zenless Zone Zero Hoyoverse.

Zenless Zone Zero Download Free

Honkai Impact 3 fans must have heard the news about this game, because the developer is the same.

Even though it's one developer, the game is a little different, which is set against the backdrop of a life that has been devastated by supernatural catastrophes. This video game was indeed started by a disaster called Hollows. Later, gamers will be introduced to the figure of Proxy, the main character that must be run by players.

This hero with the title of professor has a special task to destroy the evil monsters that come his way when exploring Hollows with people. The main mission of Zenless Zone Zero itself is to act as a Proxy and help defeat monsters until the goal is achieved.

Download Zenless Zone Zero APK Android, iOS & PC

Soon the game can be downloaded for the beta version where the iOS and Windows operating systems will be given the opportunity to try it first.

Meanwhile, the availability for Android follows after the full version is officially released. In order not to miss the opportunity to test, perhaps a web application link HERE is needed to carry out registration. Don't know how yet? Take it easy, the steps to register are already prepared below.

How to Apply Through the Official Web

Here's how to register before downloading the final version of Zenless Zone Zero Android.

  1. First go to the official website where the link has been placed above.
  2. Once inside the page tap the signup button which is positioned right in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your name or email address along with the password then press login, if you don't have an account then click the register text.
  4. Continue the process and complete the given survey.
  5. Thus the "registration was successful" notification will be displayed on the screen if all questions are successfully resolved.
  6. Furthermore, prospective players should check the messages sent through the inbox to find out more information regarding whether or not they are selected to participate in the 2022 trial period.

Until this article was published, there was no stipulation as to when the registration end date would be. But after the application period ends, miHoYo will notify the selected candidates via the applicant's email. Once again the game testing being discussed could only run on a computer or iPhone only, for other platforms it is said to follow including Android.

Furthermore, do you want to see the minimum specifications of the supported devices? 


Minimal and recommended specs:

  • iOS: at least iPhone 10.0 or 11 and higher and supported by 4 GB ram, 6 gigabytes rom.
  • Windows: Intel i5 – i7 or above is equipped with a minimum graphics card GTX970 (NVIDIA) or comparable as well as 8GB of Random Access Memory (RAM), and 10GB of storage memory.
  • Android: no official information yet.

Thus the review of the Zenless Zone Zero Download link. Thank you, hope my article can explain a little.