√ 10 Ways to Download Videos on iPhone Free and Easy 2022


√ 10 Ways to Download Videos on iPhone Free and Easy 2022


One of the fun activities to pass the time is to watch videos. However, not all iPhone users know how to download videos on iPhone themselves.

Video becomes an interesting service to watch. How not, many people are willing to spend internet quota in order to watch the videos they like. Be it on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, UC Browser, Safari, or other media.

You need to know, to minimize the occurrence of quota waste. You can download videos you like so you can watch them offline.

However, here the Admin only specializes for iPhone users. For that, see how to download videos on iPhone as below.

10 Video Download Apps on Iphone

In addition, there is also an application that is indeed useful for downloading videos on the iPhone. Many applications are scattered and generally easy to use for video downloads.

However, you may be a little bothered by the advertisements or pop ups found in certain applications. Right off the bat, here's a row of video download applications on the iPhone.

1. McTube

First, comes the McTube iPhone. This application is fairly popular as a video downloading software on Youtube. This software has the ability to select the video quality manually and easily. That's one of the advantages of McTube compared to other similar applications.

In addition, the user interface embedded in this application is also very easy to use.

2. Free Video Downloader Plus

Next, there is Free Video Downloader Plus. This application is much loved by iPhone users because of its ease in terms of downloading movies.

What's more, you can download multiple video lists in just one download. Free Video Downloader Plus you can make an option in choosing a video download application

3. Myvid Video Downloader

Apart from the application above, there is a video download application called MyVid Video Downloader. This application is very helpful for you iPhone or iPad users.

This software allows you to download videos at any time and can also share your downloaded videos. Coupled with an easy user interface, it is an added value for this one application.

4. Video Downloader Pro

The next way to download videos on iPhone is to use Video Downloader Pro. This application offers a lot of advantages for you. For example, its ability to download, choose video quality, and share to social media. You can also send videos to television easily as well as other connectivity. Plus, the video download speed of this application can also be optimized to allow for a faster connection.

5. Titan Downloader

Next is an application called Titan Downloader that can download videos easily, lightly, and simply. A wide selection of video quality you can choose at will. Moreover, you can also directly share the downloaded movie videos to social media. Interesting isn't it?

6. iBolt Downloader

Well, for those of you who just want the video download feature, it never hurts to use this one application. The app is also very light and efficient, perfectly fitting its name. The download speed of the iBolt downloader is also well optimized, so you can download videos faster.

7. Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle you can use to download HD videos directly from Youtube to your iPhone device. You can download various video formats as well as other media files by using this application.

Besides being used to download videos, this application can be used to import documents from computers, WebDav, cloud, and other Apple devices. This app you can find on the App Store for free.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS version 10.

8. MyMedia – File Manager

The app allows you to download the video file or open it directly when entering the video URL into the app. Select Open if you want to open, or Download the File to download video to your iPhone.

Later, the video you have downloaded can be viewed in the Media tab. You also need to know, make sure your device is already using iOS version 9 to be able to use this application.

9. How to Download Videos on QWE iPhone

For those of you who have a SmartTV or game console, it never hurts to download an application called QWE. The reason is, when you download HD videos using QWE, you can also watch them via SmartTV. Another advantage of this application is that the videos that have been downloaded can retain the original quality of the videos. Moreover, the app can also be downloaded for free on the App Store.

10. Total Files

The last way to download videos on iphone is to use an application called Total Files. You can easily download videos, create playlists of your favorite videos, and there is also a built-in video search feature. You can also still download videos when your iPhone is locked. This application is also free from ads so you stay comfortable while operating it.

How to Download Videos on iPhone

Here will Blogmagz present how to download videos directly from Youtube and or via Telegram.

1. Download Videos Directly on Youtube 
Without additional applications, you can directly download videos contained on Youtube. Here's how:

  • Open Youtube on your iPhone device.
  • Next, find the video you want to download.
  • If so, tap the Download icon located below the video.
  • For example, here Blogmagz will download Blackpink videos.
  • Then you will be given the option to choose the skin of the video to be downloaded.
  • Finally, just press OK.

Note: Not all videos contained on Youtube are available for you to download. In addition, the video will not survive permanently, there is a certain period of time until the video disappears from the offline video playlist.

2. Download Youtube Videos on Telegram

Apparently, we can use an application called Telegram to download videos on Youtube, you know. Curious, right? Check out the method below:

  • Open the Telegram app through your iPhone device.
  • In the search bar field, type the bot account named AnySave.
  • If you have found it, add the account and start chatting.
  • So that you don't need to enter a Youtube link into Telegram, type @vid (space) the title of the Youtube video you want to download to your iPhone.
  • Example: @vid Black pink
  • After selecting the video you want to download, wait until the bot account finds the video you typed earlier.
  • If the video is successfully found, you will be given 2 options. You can directly download the video by selecting the blue logo. Or, if you want to choose another resolution or format, scroll down first.
  • Just wait for the video you downloaded. Later, you can watch the video on your beloved iPhone.

Thus some applications that work to download videos through your Apple device. Decide on an app that you'll find convenient and easy to use in downloading your favorite videos. Good luck!