Can you Download Netflix Movies on Laptop/Mobile? Yes, it's easy!


Can you Download Netflix Movies on Laptop/Mobile? Yes, it's easy!


Along with the times, to do anything now feels easier and faster. No exception with what is happening in the film industry today, to enjoy movies, now it can be done anywhere and anytime with streaming access. Today's cassette tapes have been considered old-fashioned and many people prefer sub-dissibility services to watch movies easily. There have been many portals that provide movie watching services on a paid basis, one of the biggest today is of course Netflix.

In addition to providing many TV series and movies to watch, Netflix also has many conveniences, one of which is watching movies offline without being connected to the internet at all. This one feature is indeed the most beloved advantage. And for those of you who don't know this feature, we will provide tutorials so that you Can you Download Netflix Movies on Laptop and watch your favorite movies and series offline, both on PC and Mobile.

Download Netflix Movies On Laptop

*For the PC version, it can only be done with Windows 8 and 10*

First download the Netflix application on the Microsoft store (click the following link). Then open the Netflix application and log in with the account that you already have and who has subscribed of course.

After logging in on the main page, click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top of the left.

Faced with a display like this, click on the inscription "Available for Download".

Search for the movie or TV series you want to download through the search field (we chose Sandy Wexler for example).

Click "Download" and wait for the download process to complete.

Return to the main menu and click on 3 horizontal lines, then click on the inscription "My Downloads".

Movies are available offline and you can watch them at any time without an internet connection at all.

Download Netflix Movies on Mobile

Install the Netflix application through the Playstore or Appstore, after that log in as usual, with an account that has subscribed of course, after that open the application and please find the movie or series you want to download.

Click the movie you selected (we chose Blade Runner 2049 for example), then click the download sign.

Wait for the download process to complete.

To access a movie that has finished downloading, click the words "Download" in the bottom bar.

You can enjoy movies offline.

That's how to download movies and TV series on Netflix, hopefully it can help you to be able to watch anywhere and anytime without having to worry about an internet connection.