Google Boosts High Performance for TikTok


Google Boosts High Performance for TikTok


Android Developer Relation has now shared the details of improvements and optimizations for the TikTok service on Android, the team shared that now TikTok has become available with improved Playback features and a smoother UI, Saturday (03/09).

TikTok has amassed by over a million users from all over the world, making them the salat one of the most popular entertainment platforms today. TikTok's service is also easy to use, does not require many specifications to be able to access it and can run on networks that have a low internet connection.

The features of The TikTok Playback and UI are one of the features that are always accessed, how come? When opening the application, users can immediately control the content that is displayed in the form of videos. However, some users have sensed that these few weeks TikTok is experiencing a drop in performance even for Android users with high specs.

This has also been confirmed directly by one of the employees at TikTok, Janky Frames said that TikTok has experienced a performance that has dropped from Playback, to problems with the network connection slowing down. Application performance is also decreasing, therefore it must be improved with the Android system because it only occurs among Android users.

To create a simpler UI and a process that doesn't take a long time, TikTok plans to render what should be opened at that very moment in order to maximize the performance of the application. Previously, TikTok would render all the content that was expected to be unlocked with the Scroll feature on mobile. Though, not all TikTok users will continue viewing the content on their app.

Google as one of the companies that distribute TikTok also supports improving the performance of tiktok services. Google stated that the team from TikTok is developing lighter performance for the Android system, and developing a platform to be able to display better UI on foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

"Constantly providing performance and optimization of the Android 13 system, TikTok has created a smoother TikTok user experience, light performance, and can better disseminate content." Write Google.

How do you respond? Are you one of the users of the entertainment platform TikTok? If you feel the slow performance of their service, then you can immediately update the application on the Google Play Store.