New Features of Microsoft Edge, Can Resize Sidebar


New Features of Microsoft Edge, Can Resize Sidebar


It's exactly a year since Microsoft first released the Sidebar feature in Microsoft Edge. However, unfortunately it still has many drawbacks to maximize its features. Now, Microsoft has provided more features for sidebar, Tuesday (11/10).

Microsoft is now providing additional features for Sidebar in Microsoft Edge, where previously this feature could not be used to resize the Sidebar. But now Microsoft provides a feature that can resize sidebar or resize.

This feature has not been announced by Microsoft, because maybe they have not officially released this feature for all its users. Therefore, only a few users can feel it because it is still in the trial period.

This feature was first noticed by one Reddit user, where he shared a screenshot of the resizable Microsoft Edge Sidebar, not as monotonous as in the previous version.

Those users found this feature on Microsoft Edge with chromium canary version (107.0.1417.0). there is one interesting thing, where users do not need to activate this feature by using ViveToos, because later it will be available by Default.

Knowing this, there have been many responses in particular from Microsoft Edge users who expressed their favor with the new feature that will be released in the near future. Some users also give their good reviews, just waiting for time when Microsoft officially releases the Stable version.

Of course, the Resize capability is a commonly used thing both on Windows and MacOS. With this ability, users can maximize the appearance of the desktop so that they can display more than one program.

Previously, the display of Microsoft Edge that could not be resized would be very annoying for users especially for those who often access more than one program at the same time. So, it will be very less efficient when the Resize feature cannot work properly.

Meanwhile, news circulated that Microsoft is currently preparing for the development of their Surface Pro, which is planned to be released in 2023. Regarding this, Microsoft has indeed been steady in its development.

What do you think about the new features of Microsoft Edge? It's just a matter of time until Microsoft is ready to release the latest update with this Default feature.