YouTube Extends Audio Ads Duration, up to 30 Seconds!


YouTube Extends Audio Ads Duration, up to 30 Seconds!


YouTube will soon launch their latest ad as an innovation in advertising through the platform, where they will serve an ad in the form of a voice. YouTube will extend its duration to 30 seconds, Tuesday (18/10).

Reporting through 9to5Google, YouTube will innovate with one of their advertising tools in the form of audio. Through Google, they said that this advertisement in the form of voice has been ranked second as the most popular advertising medium in the United States.

If you look back, YouTube has indeed launched ads with this type of audio for the first time since November 2020. But indeed YouTube provides this ad specifically for music promotion services only, but who would have thought that YouTube enforced their marketing strategy by expanding its reach.

Now, the Audio Ads service on YouTube can not only be used by companies that promote their artists' work, but also for those who have Podcast broadcasts. Through YouTube Music, Podcasts will get the same number of ads as YouTube.

Where it is most likely that the Podcast service on YouTube will present ads in the form of voice, the required duration is maximized to 30 seconds. YouTube is slated to release this ad support soon, along with one of the events they are hosting in livestream.

According to YouTube, this will be a stepping stone for those companies and businesses that want to increase consumer brand awareness. Because, Audio Ads are noted to be one of the promotional techniques or advertisements that are currently listened to by many people.

Therefore, YouTube said that this support will certainly be useful for those who want to introduce the business to the outside world. This ad is not only present on YouTube, but also YouTube which is connected to Smart TVs.

Until now, YouTube itself has not determined when they will hold an event as well as inaugurate Audio Ads to expand its features and reach again. However, many predict that Google will release this support in November.

What do you think? Interested in advertising on YouTube? This feature will certainly be an alternative for those who want to develop a business to be better known to consumers and the market.