EarTrumpet Gives Windows 11 Better Mixer Volume


EarTrumpet Gives Windows 11 Better Mixer Volume


Microsoft a few months ago just released their latest update for Windows 11 22H2, unfortunately there are some features that are being omitted. Now, you can use third-party applications to support audio performance, Tuesday (22/11).

Unlike Windows 10, to access the Volume Mixer itself we easily only need to access it through the right click on the Taskbar. Windows 11 is different, perhaps this is what makes that Windows 11 system weak in terms of audio quality.

Microsoft is seen omitting a feature that has previously been widely used by Windows 10 users, where to access Volume Mixer just by right-clicking on the Volume icon in the Taskbar.

EarTrumpet will probably be one of the third-party applications that will give you access to this Volume Mixer, the presence of third-party applications will help the Windows 11 22H2 system to again bring the features of the Volume Mixer that were previously removed.

By using EarTrumpet, the Windows 11 system will now bring back the features of the Volume Mixer, which was previously present in Windows 10. This feature will give you full control to adjust the volume of all apps with different levels.

EarTrumpet has just brought a number of their latest updates, which are claimed to run at full performance on Windows 11. Previously it was indeed reported by some users that EarTrumpet eats up more memory and the presence of bugs.

The existence of this update allows EarTrumpet to work faster, minimal memory usage, to fix bug problems that were present and reported by Windows 11 users.

To be clear, EarTrumpet gives their latest changes in the Changelog list below:

  • Windows 10: Fixed flyout appearance with Light mode enabled.
  • Fixed animation not respecting the correct system settings.
  • GIF library updated to cut down memory usage.
  • Decreased use of Acrylic slowdown workaround.

For those of you who are still new to EarTrumpet, this application is a third-party application that will bring back the functionality of the Volume Mixer that was previously removed. This application is able to work with minimal memory usage, you can also manage applications when running Gaming applications.

What do you think? If you are curious, you can directly download it through the official EarTrumpet page via the link here