Rumor: Microsoft Surface Duo to Get Insider Program


Rumor: Microsoft Surface Duo to Get Insider Program


Microsoft is reportedly making several additional features for their service, one of which is for the Surface Duo smartphone. Microsoft will reportedly release an Insider Program version that is not only for Windows 11, but for the Surface Duo, Thursday (01/12).

Perhaps many have learned that the Insider Program is access from Microsoft that is given to Windows users, where Windows users can join to get the version of the Program they get later from Microsoft.

The advantage is that every time Microsoft will release a new feature, Insider Program users will get early access and enjoy all the new features that will be released in the future globally. Of course, this feature is an attraction in itself, because Windows users do not have to wait longer.

Rumor has it, this Insider program will also be released for those Surface Duo users, where this phone series will get a wide variety of the latest features in Beta mode as it includes a trial feature.

More interestingly, this is an option given by Microsoft so that Surface Duo users can choose to join or not. Obviously, the advantage of this program is that Insider Program users on the Surface Duo will get feature support early.

It looks like Microsoft is indeed serious about bringing this Insider Program on the Surface Duo, we get a screenshot showing the Surface Duo with the Insider Program where it displays a number of update options.

As seen in the image above, Surface Duo users can later look directly into the system, then access the Surface Insider Program by enabling several feature options that can be enabled or disabled.

There are many responses regarding this feature, where Windows 11 users who have become accustomed to the Insider Program also support Microsoft to provide this support on the Surface Duo, considering that this phone also carries the concept of Windows 11 with maximum integration even though it uses Android.

Meanwhile, regarding the launch of the Surface Insider Program itself, we have not received accurate information regarding when Microsoft will finally release this update. Given that this is a rumor, so it has not been proven for sure that later Surface Duo users will get Insider Program support.