Windows Cloud PC, So Microsoft's Business of the Future?


Windows Cloud PC, So Microsoft's Business of the Future?


Yesterday, we got information that Microsoft has plans to present their own cloud computing program. However, the Windows system will be the program and can be purchased by subscription, Monday (07/11).

Through the Principal Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft said that it will develop a cloud computing program to bring the Windows operating system with the Cloud model.

This design will later present a Windows operating system that can be accessed using a web-server or the like, then access will also be made easier for all operating systems.

Microsoft's own goal is to try to present a PC (Personal Computer) product at a cheaper price, which will use the subscription method and advertising in it (possibly using Windows 365).

So, it can be said that Microsoft wants to bring a version of Windows 365 with the support of some of its penu features. As many have known together that this Windows 365 does not have local storage and hardware specifications.

In their Job List, Microsoft wrote that they will create a cloud computing on Windows, create a Prototype and use consumer data for research materials to find interesting ideas to develop in the future.

“[The] team will partner with Product Management and Design to ideate and build new experiences aligned with the mission to drive cloud-first experiences into Windows, create prototypes to validate early thinking, and use ongoing customer data and research to validate our ideas,” tulis Microsoft melalui Job List mereka.

We can draw the conclusion that Microsoft looks to be expanding their strategy by expanding support from Windows, combining business with selling PCs at low prices and maximum software quality will certainly be an attraction in itself.

Sure, Windows users no longer need to think about the specifications of their devices when they want to use Windows in the Cloud version. Because indeed, to run Windows 11 22H2 alone must be accompanied by a minimum of specifications from Microsoft.

Most likely users who want to enjoy this Windows Cloud service will be told to subscribe using Windows 365, but it is not yet known exactly when it will start to be released

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