Download After Effects 2023 (Free Download)


Download After Effects 2023 (Free Download)


After Effects is a very popular video editing application. The application made by Adobe is used for the processing of digital mition graphics.

This application is different from Adobe Premiere Pro because After Effects is more used to set the video to the next level which does require more complete features and capabilities. As the name implies, After Effects is used to add various kinds of effects to make the video more interesting.

Just for your information that After Effects was previously made Macromedia. But Adobe acquired it which then Adobe developed the application until it became what it is now. The features provided in After Effects are quite a lot and they are all useful features to produce very good videos.

Pros of After Effects App

Some of the advantages possessed by After Effects include:

1. Provides a lot of effect support

The first advantage is that this application offers a lot of effect support. This support is one of the reasons why After Effects is a widely used application if you want to add effects to videos.

The effect support in this application is fairly complete so you won't have any trouble creating motion graphics according to your wishes. Dozens of effects are available and all you have to do is choose which effect you want to insert.

2. Already supports native 64-bit CPU architecture

The point of this second advantage is that After Effects can already be used for 64-bit processors. This makes After Effects more responsive, fast. In addition, this application also supports RAM with a large capacity. But to use it, your PC must have RAM with a larger capacity than the standard PC specifications.

3. Can to convert vector files to shapes

You can easily create shape files that come from vectors. You do this by importing a file for you to put into the workshape. You need to know that a vector is a type of graphic with coordinate points that act as small units that then form the auxiliary lines of the image.

4. Keep images detailed when compressed

The fourth advantage of After Effects is that this application is able to maintain details in the image when pressed. So, the image quality remains good and balanced. This is certainly an advantage for After Effects users because usually when the file is compressed, it is not only the size that decreases but the image quality is also reduced.

Download The Latest After Effects

One of the abilities possessed by After Effects is being able to create, transform, and animate through an object. This application is also supported by scripting features and gets expression support so that the resulting animation can be more dynamic.

Some of the famous features that After Effects has are Keyframe, shape creation, Action Script, and so on. By making After Effects your preferred application, it is guaranteed that the video results will not disappoint as long as you are able to make good use of each of its features. Download the latest After Effects for free via the link below: