Microsoft Has Been Testing The File Explorer Tab Feature Since Windows 95


Microsoft Has Been Testing The File Explorer Tab Feature Since Windows 95


Microsoft has indeed provided support for their latest features since October 2022 yesterday, where since the launch of Moment 1 Windows 11 Microsoft provided support for the Tab feature in File Explorer. Reportedly, this feature has been tested for a long time since Windows 95, Monday (12/12).

Windows 11 Moment 1 yesterday did provide many additional features and performance improvements, where there are many new features provided by Microsoft that are not only accessed by Insider Program users but also those who use the stable version of Windows 11.

One of the features that is widely highlighted is the ability of the Tab feature in Files Explorer, the Tab feature in File Explorer itself will make it easier for Windows 11 users to browse files or folders in each storage.

The advantage of using this feature is the ability of File Explorer which now no longer opens different windows when the user wants to move to another folder, without closing the window or adding another File Explorer window. Windows 11 users now only need to add Tabs and will automatically open a new Sub-Window in the same Window.

The feature is very similar to when we use the Tab feature in Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Of course, this will provide more performance, so that Hardrive no longer takes a long time to process new files and strengthen the required disk rotation.

Now regarding this feature, the team found one of the uploads from a user on Reddit stating that the Tab feature in File Explorer is most likely one of the trial features from Microsoft that they have long developed.

This Tab feature in File Explorer was not developed since the beginning of Windows 11, Windows 10, or even Windows 7. Microsoft has actually been testing this feature since Windows 95 Beta.

It's been a long time, isn't it? So what is the exact reason why Microsoft has not released this feature immediately since the era of Windows 95? The answer is the needs of users, we know together that Microsoft listens a lot to input from its users. At that time, the Tab feature was not requested much and development was not intensive.

What do you think? Of course, the presence of the Tab feature in File Explorer will provide a better UI and UX for a more efficient and flexible File Explorer experience.