Let's Update! Microsoft Releases New Version of Edge Dev


Let's Update! Microsoft Releases New Version of Edge Dev


Microsoft is now opening 2023 with the latest update they are bringing to Microsoft Edge users, this time an update is given for the Edge Dev version by bringing version 110.0.1587.1 which was released for all platforms, Friday (06/01).

Microsoft has now officially released the latest version of Microsoft Edge Dev which is available for all platforms, starting from Windows itself, Mac and Android. You can now get update support for feature enhancements provided by Microsoft.

So what are the changes given through the latest update? Microsoft claims that it has added an Experimental API that works in Permission Management in WebView2 as well as support for feature improvements that Edge Dev users have complained about.

But there is a slight difference in feature improvements in the desktop and mobile or Android versions. Microsoft says that they provide improved support of the AdBlock plugin present in the Android version of Edge Dev. Of course this makes Android phones able to block many ads on the internet.

This support may be expanded due to the impact of Manifest V3 being delayed release by Google on Chromium-based browser services, where as we all know since this delay the AdBlock service can work as usual.

"New Ad blocker feature now allows you to block ads with a long press." Write Microsoft via Release Note.

In addition, Microsoft also provides another quite interesting feature, where the feature of changing the Wallpaper on the browser's start page can now be used on Android. This feature has been previously released, but only users of the desktop version of Edge Dev get support for the feature.

For those of you who are curious, you can see the list of Changelogs that Microsoft gives below:


  • New Ad blocker feature now allows you to block ads with a long press.
  • Now you can change the wallpaper on the New Tab Page.


Added experimental Permission management API.

  • The new policy (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
  • Print preview sticky setting policy.
  • Touch Mode policy.
  • Policy for disabling Immersive Reader's Grammar Tools.