Microsoft Ready to Release Windows 11 23H2. Take a peek at New Redesign here!


Microsoft Ready to Release Windows 11 23H2. Take a peek at New Redesign here!


Microsoft is indeed rumored to be providing many interesting changes to the Windows 11 22H2 operating system, where it is rumored that it will change the name to 23H2 which is adjusted to the year.

Over the past few years, we've gotten a lot of design developments from Windows. Even until Windows 11 was released, there were many previous news that provided the latest leaks of Microsoft's OS design on this one.

One thing to know is, there are many Windows designs currently created by Fan Made or Windows enthusiasts, where they create interface display designs that are most likely to be used by Microsoft in their latest operating systems.

This doesn't hurt, at least we get a shadow of what the latest Windows OS will look like with a different interface. However, indeed most of the designs created missed the original design after Microsoft officially released their OS.

Today we provide information on a small part of the interface changes that Microsoft will bring through Windows 11 23H2, where this information is obtained from Windows Central. Windows Central is famous as a media that has many relationships with employees who work at Microsoft, therefore sometimes it does provide accurate information.

So what interface changes will Microsoft most likely provide? First is File Explorer which will now be overhauled again, here's how it looks.

Through the image above, we can see that Microsoft has added some interesting features to their interface in File Explorer Windows 11. The Address Bar now displays a unified UI, a Searc Box with a new look, a Home Icon, to options such as Copy and Paste which will be moved to the bottom of the Folder View.

The Home page will later get changes for better access with Microsoft 365, it seems that Microsoft is providing many changes to their integration through File Explorer. Not to forget the feature that will be added is Feed, which will display file recommendations complete with a preview displayed.

Microsoft is also rumored to be adding their latest Panel Details which was previously released for Windows 11 Insider users. Here's an example:

Through this feature, Windows users can later see the activity of folders or files and also add several features such as comments, related files, to sharing.