Microsoft Remove Groove Music in Windows 10


Microsoft Remove Groove Music in Windows 10


Microsoft has released Media Player which is the main media player in Windows 11, previously Microsoft had indeed tested this media player. Now, Windows 10 can get it but Goove Music was removed from the system, Friday (13/01).

Media Player is a media player in Windows 11, initially it has indeed been tested for those Insider Program users. After finally getting a good response it was finally released for Windows 11 22H2 Stable users.

Well the next few months Microsoft also confirmed that this Media Player will be released on Windows 10, yesterday we had time to provide information that Media Player users can now run on Windows 10 but by doing a manual installation.

But there is something quite interesting about this, where Windows 10 users who have not done a manual installation to get Media Player from Microsoft then do not need to do it. Because Microsoft itself has provided an update for their Groove Music service.

What does it have to do with Media Player? Herein lies the efficiency, where when Windows 10 users make an update to the Groove Music service, then Microsoft will automatically convert it into a Media Player and not Groove Music. The Groove Music service will be removed from the Windows 10 system.

Maybe some of you are asking about what about the playlists that have been neatly stored in Groove Music? Well for this Microsoft has provided integration between Groove Music and Media Player services, automatically all the Playslist you have will be moved to Media Player.

In general, we can conclude that this Media Player service has a better advantage than Groove Music. The first reason is the very light performance, and the second is that it supports all video and audio formats. Microsoft has provided excellent features that will help its users to play various types of media. What do you think? If you are interested, you can immediately update Groove Music.