There's Something New! WinGet version 1.4 Presents Zip Extraction


There's Something New! WinGet version 1.4 Presents Zip Extraction


WinGet is one of the cool features that Microsoft has successfully presented, where by using this feature, users can access applications, delete and update using only commands. This makes Windows devices similar to Linux.

The development carried out is proven to make it easier for PC owners to access and command several programs, therefore this access is often used by them, especially developers who always work faster.

Although WinGet itself is less recognized and unpopular compared to other commands in Windows, in terms of functionality WinGet this can be said to provide superior features for those who like to access services faster. Because it is only necessary to use commands which are quite simple.

Windows Package Manager or WinGet was just released, you know, the latest version, where now the latest version has entered version 1.4 which has been released by Microsoft and can be obtained through the Mircosoft Store. Support for new features is also presented by Microsoft, where they have added support for the Zip Extraction feature.

Of course, with this feature, Windows users no longer need the support of third-party applications to extract files in ZIP format, just by using the default application, namely WinGet.

"This release introduces support for .zip-based packages. WinGet can now extract and run an installer inside of a .zip archive or install one or more portable packages from an archive." Microsoft wrote.

Therefore, Windows users can now extract easily and run the installer using the ZIP file format or .zip

"WinGet now supports installing packages contained within a .zip archive. This feature builds on the existing support for portable packages, and existing installer support for MSIX, MSI, and EXE-based installers."

Microsoft is also not only providing new feature support for the WinGet 1.4 service, where they also provide improvements to pre-existing features. The improvement provided is more performance for the WinGet Show, Wait Command and Command Aliases features.