Here! Download 3uTools for PC Latest 2023 (Free)


Here! Download 3uTools for PC Latest 2023 (Free)


3uTools is software used to jailbreak IOS system-based devices. This jailbreak process is done so that you can have full access to the IOS device. This is the same way when rooting an Android device. 3uTools is an excellent software because it can jailbreak any version of IOS devices, ranging from the old IOS version to the latest. By using this software you can manage files according to your wishes.

Sharing files such as music, photos, videos and even some software on the device can be set up using this software. If the device has been jailbroken then you can use any theme or game even if it is illegal. You can freely set up the IOS device. 3uTools also displays information about the IOS system information used, iCloud lock and so on.

By jailbreaking an IOS device, you can get various additional features that can be used to improve the device's ability to be more optimal. You can modify audio files or perform backups and restores freely. The use of this software can improve the operating system contained on the device.

Uses and Features of 3uTools

3uTools software is widely used because it has a complete range of features. This makes most IOS system users more comfortable and free when operating their devices. For those of you who don't know about the features and uses of 3uTools software, check out the information below.

Backup and Restore

With this software you can backup and restore easily. You can back up automatically and can restore it as you wish. You can restore all your backed-up data quickly. In addition, you can also customize restore only the desired data.

System Updates

This software is equipped with an Easy Flash feature so you can make updates manually. The entire firmware will be automatically downloaded. You can choose for yourself which software to update. This makes it easier for users to customize the version of the system used to suit their wishes.

Manage Music Easily

With this software you can manage audio files more freely. You can set ringtones using your own files and can easily add to the collection of music contained on your IOS device. This can be used so that you don't have to be complicated anymore to download music for a fee.

Download the Latest 3uTools for PC

By using this software you can move the photo files contained on the device to a computer or laptop more freely.

That's the explanation of the 3uTools software. This software is very easy to operate and can be used for free. By understanding the features contained in it, you can take advantage of the software more optimally. Download the latest and free 3uTools via the link below: