Microsoft Releases WSA Update, 50% Performance Improvement


Microsoft Releases WSA Update, 50% Performance Improvement


A few days ago Microsoft has provided an update for Windows 11 Insider Program users, according to their weekly schedule. This month, Microsoft also provided an update that is not just for the Insider Program but for Windows Subsystem for Android or WSA.

Today Microsoft has provided an update for the latest WSA version which has entered version 2301.40000.4.0, the company claims that they have added a number of feature and performance improvements where now WSA can run with up to 50% lighter performance.

Microsoft says that the improvement provided is performance maximized to 40-50% Framerate, which applies to those using PC devices with 64-bit architecture. As for ARM devices, they get at least up to a 20% performance boost.

This update also provides an advantage for a wide variety of Android-based applications, which provide better support for running them on Windows 11. Microsoft says that the performance provided is better compared to previous versions.

The company has also released a list of Changelogs or any changes they provide, here is the list:

  1. Improved audio input latency and reliability
  2. Improvements to camera experience (camera metadata now exposed to camera apps)
  3. Improvements to framerate performance: certain benchmarks have improved by 10%-20% on ARM and 40%-50% on x64
  4. Fixed zooming out in apps using a touchpad or mouse
  5. Improvements to platform reliability
  6. Using the latest Chromium WebView to version 108
  7. Synchronizing global microphone and camera privacy toggles between Windows and Android apps
  8. Android 13 security updates
  9. Sementara itu, ada pun beberapa peningkatan kemampuan lainnya dari WSA yang mana diberikan untuk kemampuan Lantensi dan Reliability yang ada di Auto Input, juga peningkatan untuk Chromium berbasis WebView dan Camera Experience.

Unfortunately, for now the WSA with the latest version is still given for Windows 11 Insider Beta and Insider Dev users. If you have done an update this week, then you can immediately do the WSA update which is already available in the Microsoft Store. Make sure to download version 2301.400000.4.0