Microsoft Rename 'Recommended' So 'For You' in Windows 11


Microsoft Rename 'Recommended' So 'For You' in Windows 11


In February 2023, Microsoft provided a lot of support for features and interface changes through Windows 11, the latest news also shows that Microsoft has again changed one of the interfaces in the Windows 11 Start Menu, to be precise, the Recommended section, Tuesday (04/02).

Microsoft recently surprised many users about the release of various new features that they will provide, for example by releasing Bing with ChatGPT technology, to expanding ChatGPT support in several Microsoft services such as Edge and Office Online.

Now, the latest news comes where Microsoft is rumored to be changing the name of the Recommended feature found in the Windows 11 Start Menu. If you are a Windows 11 user, surely you are familiar with this feature? This feature is located at the bottom of Pinned Apps, where it will provide recommendations for files and applications that were last accessed by the user.

For myself as a Windows 11 user, this feature helps in some work activities. Recommended provides quick and efficient access to access the last few files accessed by the user, eliminating the need to open File Exporer.

Reportedly, Microsoft will change the name from Recommended to For You. This news was first shared by one of the Windows 11 users on the Twitter platform, however, he said that this change is just a name, open the feature.

So most likely it will indeed change its name from Recommended to For You, but the features offered still remain the same. Users can still access some of the last opened content, also expanding the amount of content by pressing More.

This change is still in a trial from Microsoft, where it is likely to be presented in the next few weeks. Since the user discovered this feature change by entering a command in ViveTool, here's the command:

  • vivetool /enable /en:42533185

Regarding this feature, there are many responses that have appeared on the Twitter platform. Not a few users feel that Microsoft seems to be jumping on the bandwagon from the TikTok platform, as well as other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Although it is only a name change to For You, yet this detracts from the essence of Windows 11 itself. Previously, the name Recommended even got a number of bad reviews from Windows 11 users, because it felt that the personal content they would follow was displayed through this feature.

What do you think? Personally, I don't think this name change is a big deal. But it's good not to be released, because the name Recommended has become part of Windows 11.