Now End Tasks Can Be Without Task Manager Access in Windows 11


Now End Tasks Can Be Without Task Manager Access in Windows 11


Microsoft some time ago has indeed released the latest update for those who use Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel, this update turns out to bring hidden features that come with the latest Task Manager capabilities, Monday (20/02).

Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel some time ago has been getting the latest update from Microsoft, which is indeed an update that fits their weekly schedule. Users also get a number of fixes from previously existing issues, as well as Microsoft recently included the Known Issue they found.

One Twitter user shared one of the latest features present in Windows 11 Insider Dev, where he said that this feature will provide feature enhancements for those who want faster End Task access without the need to use Task Manager access on Windows.

To be able to activate this feature, users will later use access from ViveTool, because Microsoft does not release this feature by default and it is likely that it is still in the trial stage. More about this feature, Twitter users also shared the appearance of the feature as in the image below:

This feature hasn't actually worked well yet, even after being activated using ViveTool once. Its development may be continuing and will indeed be released in the near future.

Regarding this feature, Microsoft may provide a surprise for faster access to close software that is running or software that has crashed and wants to be closed immediately. Then users will be facilitated with faster access to End Tasks, Windows 11 users certainly no longer need to open access from the Task Manager.

This access is also easy to use, where you only need to hover over the software icon on the Taskbar and right-click, after which there are several options such as Pin, End Task and Closes Window.

This feature was first discovered by those using the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel version, which was just released by Microsoft last week. But it feels like there is no need to try to activate it because it does not bring maximum function.