Rumor: Microsoft Is Ready to Release Windows 11 Moment 3?


Rumor: Microsoft Is Ready to Release Windows 11 Moment 3?


Microsoft this year did get a lot of rumors about the launch of the latest Windows 11, which is reportedly going to release Windows 11 Moment 3. This rumor began to smell among Windows 11 users, but the question is when will Moment 2 be released?

Windows 11 22H2 has been released since last year, where a month after its release Microsoft officially released the Moment 1 version which brought a lot of feature changes such as Tabs in File Explorer and improved OS capabilities.

Months after the release of Moment 1, we are still questionable about the release of Moment 2, which until the end of 2022 we have no information about its release. Only at the end of 2023 do we get a lot of rumors about Microsoft's future plans.

Launching from one of the Twitter platform users, who shared an interesting thing about the upcoming Windows 11 Insider Beta featuring a Build number that changed to versions 23141 and 23145.

With the change in the Build number of this Insider Beta, there are many opinions from Windows 11 users who say that Microsoft is currently preparing for the latest release of Windows 11 Moment 3, even though if we look at Microsoft has not even released the Moment 2 version.

But we have almost the same speculation, it could be that with this change in Build number, a developer from Microsoft is officially working on a new project. That means it could be that Microsoft is developing Build changes for their OS which are likely for Windows 11 Moment 2/Moment 3.

If it is true, then it is very likely that Microsoft will skip the release of Moment 2 and will be replaced with Moment 3 which will present support for changes and new features of Moment 2. Considering that if we look at rumors, Microsoft will reportedly release the latest Moment version in May-June 2023.

This is then followed by the release of the latest Windows 11 version, 23H2, which is rumored to be released at the end of 2023. But still, there is no official information from Microsoft or the employees who work in it, so everything is just rumors that are not necessarily true and not necessarily false.