Google Releases ChromeOS 111, Brings Fast Pair to Chromebooks


Google Releases ChromeOS 111, Brings Fast Pair to Chromebooks


Google has now officially released the latest update to ChromeOS 111, which they announced will provide Fast Pair support for Chromebooks. Now Google will release updates for all Chromebooks users periodically, Sunday (12/03).

Fast Pair is one of the features leaked since 2017, which provides compatibility access for syncing devices such as the Buds Pro. Google planned to launch this feature in 2019, but it seems to be delayed for a long time.

But finally Google has released Fast Pair since 2022 yesterday, then today we get information that Google has released their update for the first time through ChromeOS. Especially for those of you who may be using a Chromebook, later users will get a number of notification information.

Chromebook users will get notification access that will connect "Connect Pixel Buds Pro" will also display an image of the device trying to connect. Google also said that this compatibility support will come through ChromeOS 111 which is designed to work well for Buds Pro devices and others.

"As of ChromeOS 111, Google says that Fast Pair is currently designed to work with supported Bluetooth audio devices, and on Chromebooks that support background scanning." Google wrote.

Google also explains that users can manage this access through the Bluetooth features page, which can see a list of devices stored in the account you're using. This includes devices that provide Bluetooth access for connections such as Buds Pro and Headphones.

“On the Bluetooth settings page, you can see a list of ‘Devices saved to your account’. This includes both headphones and smartwatches. However, ‘Devices saved to your account are not available from the Quick Settings menu.’ There’s also a new ‘Scan for new devices: Connect and quickly set up Fast Pair devices close by’ settings toggle.”

Meanwhile, Google will release ChromeOS 111 globally for all its users in the coming weeks, likely next week it will be released in its home country which is the USA and will continue in several European and Asian countries.