Hooray! Bing Desktop Is Now Officially Available on Windows 10


Hooray! Bing Desktop Is Now Officially Available on Windows 10

Microsoft some time ago had given a statement that they would bring the Bing Desktop feature to the Windows 10 system, now some Windows 10 users are starting to get the latest update support that brings Bing Chat in Edge Windows 10, Saturday (18/03).

Bing Desktop Search is a feature of Bing, which comes as a Search Bar that can be accessed through Microsoft Edge, previously Microsoft had indeed released this feature in Windows 11 which of course got the first update. Microsoft also stated that they will bring this technology to Windows 10.

Now Windows 10 users get their latest update support, through their latest update they say they will bring Bing Desktop Search support in Microsoft Edge version 111.

Microsoft Edge 111 is the latest version of the Edge service, which is provided to Windows 11 and Windows 11 users. Because so far Microsoft has indeed stopped supporting feature updates in Windows 10 and only brings security system updates, Microsoft will provide this Bing Chat through the Edge 111 service.

This feature will be displayed directly through Windows 10 Destop, which does not need to access the Microsoft Edge 111 service to perform searches. Users can directly click on the Search Bar and immediately use Bing services powered by the latest AI, here's what it looks like:

When implementing this feature, the Search Bar will automatically display the text "Search the web or type URL." Later to do a search you only need to type keywords in the Bing Search Bar.

The development provided by Microsoft is indeed given evenly, now Windows 10 users can also enjoy Bing services which are currently popular. Previously the development provided by Microsoft for Bing itself could only be accessed by those Windows 11 users, therefore Windows 10 users did not get similar support.

Meanwhile, some time ago Microsoft also made an announcement that Bing Chat users have been speeding up since the beginning of its release. Bing Chat powered by ChatGPT now gets up to millions of daily active users. This makes Bing Chat reach the peak of its success since its release in 2009.