Hurry up! Microsoft Shares Free USB for Insider Users


Hurry up! Microsoft Shares Free USB for Insider Users

Microsoft this month has officially released the latest version of the Insider Program users, which after months they finally released the latest version referred to as Insider Canary, along with that they also released a Reboot porses for Insider Dev. Well these Insider users will get a number of additional bonuses from the company.

So what is the bonus given by Microsoft? In accordance with the regulations of the supporting countries, now Microsoft will distribute bonus USB Flashdrives to users who have signed up for the Insider Program be it Insider Canary, Dev, Beta and Preview.

While supplies last, then Insider users will likely get this bonus USB Flashdrive from the company. Microsoft has also shared a link containing a form that can be filled in with personal data such as address and email.

Later, if you are selected, you will likely get an information sent via the email address you wrote. Don't forget! After getting an email from Microsoft then you have to claim the link they provide to get this bonus.

For a country like Indonesia, it takes quite a long time when you are selected because of the cross-]border shipping process. But the good news is, Microsoft released a list of the first countries that will be the destination for free shipping of USB Flashdrives.

Afghanistan, Cuba, Russia, Timor-Leste, Belarus, Laos, Samoa, Turkmenistan, Bhutan, Libya, Solomon Islands, Yemen, Brunei, Mongolia, South Sudan, Chad, Papua New Guinea, and Syria are the selected countries. The country complies with Microsoft regulations, and the good news is that Indonesia is also included because it has no regulatory threats.

For those of you who want to register, hurry up and fill out the form provided by Microsoft. The company will not select all users, because they will randomize it and it is possible that you will be lucky to get a free USB Flashdrive from Microsoft.

The terms that you need to know are also quite simple, users only need to use their Windows Insider Program access, which later Microsoft will scan and find out if you are actually using the Insider Program be it Canary, Dev, Beta and Release Preview.

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