MacOS Can Now Access Microsoft Outlook for Free


MacOS Can Now Access Microsoft Outlook for Free


Microsoft has provided many of their Office services for a wide variety of platforms, where in addition to being able to be used in the Windows operating system itself can now be accessed through other platforms with Microsoft 365. Now, MacOS users get good news with free Outlook access on the App Store, Wednesday (08/03).

For MacOS users such as Macbook and iMac, now Microsoft has officially released their latest update which falls to the Microsoft Outlook service. For those of you who may often use Outlook on Windows, then now you can access it directly through MacOS.

Previously, it was also known that MacOS users can indeed use Microsoft Office services, but they must subscribe using Microsofy 365 first to be able to access various Office services such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Note and many more.

But, eventually Microsoft gave a little of their generosity by specifically releasing Microsoft Outlook directly in the App Store service from Apple that is on MacOS. Moreover, this access can be downloaded and used for free, so for those of you who don't subscribe to Microsoft 365, you can use Outlook smoothly.

"Whether at home, work or school, Mac users everywhere can easily add, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! or IMAP accounts in Outlook and experience the best mail and calendar app on macOS. The Outlook for Mac app complements Outlook for iOS – giving people a consistent, reliable, and powerful experience that brings the best-in-class experience of Outlook into the Apple ecosystem that so many love." Microsoft wrote.

Microsoft has indeed provided further development, which allows Outlook to work well in the MacOS ecosystem. Not only that, but this development also gave birth to support for Outlook in Apple silicon.

That means this Microsoft Outlook service can run well through the support of processors from Apple, namely M1 and M2. For those of you who may want to try using Outlook, you can directly visit the App Store page at the following link.