Microsoft Presents Windows Terminal Portable, Lighter Version


Microsoft Presents Windows Terminal Portable, Lighter Version

Microsoft is now providing quite interesting news for Windows users, where they plan to soon release the latest features on the Windows system. Reportedly they will present a Portable version of Windows Terminal, Friday (31/03).

If we go back a few years ago, there was a development request for Windows Terminal which was much lighter and easier, where one of the people who said this was Amit Hedge who at that time served as a Senior Software Engineer at the famous company Microsoft.

After finally a few years, Hedge's request is now realized where Microsoft will release a Portable version of Windows Terminal which is rumored to be released in Windows 11. Hedge has also provided a statement referring to their confirmation that they will release this feature.

"Having a portable version of terminal makes it easy to copy paste on machines sometimes on servers. Having to install from store is not convenient." Amit Hedge said through his official page on GitHub.

Some users are also curious about the decision taken by Hedge, considering that Microsoft has not confirmed the release of this feature. But some users also found a little leak about Microsoft which will indeed release a Portable version on Windows Terminal later.

The latest leak we got explains that Microsoft added a Pull Request that will be present in the Portable version of Windows Terminal. Therefore, this allows users to be able to create Side Deployments that are distinctly different when used.

Microsoft was also recently known to have obtained their new URL to the Windows Terminal Portable documentation page, but if accessed this URL cannot provide any information because it is not yet accessible or active.

Windows Terminal and the Portable version will probably be the best alternative that can be used today, this access allows users to be able to run two programs that are almost the same but with different tasks. Of course, it will provide efficient flexibility.

What do you think? If you are one of the Windows users who often access Windows Terminal, then you can write your opinion in the comment column about the planned presence of this new feature.