Microsoft Releases Cummulative Update March 2023


Microsoft Releases Cummulative Update March 2023

Microsoft has now officially released their latest update for Windows 11 users, which is now obtained by Windows 11 21H2 and 22H2 users, now users will get their latest update through the March 2023 Cummulative Update, Thursday (16/03).

According to the schedule they have set, which every month the company will provide the latest update support to strengthen the security system and fix issues. Well today Microsoft has finally released their latest update through the March Cummulative Update which has been officially released.

For those of you who are using Windows 11 21H2 then this update will bring a Build OS that changes to 220000.1619. while those using Windows 11 22H2 will get the update with Build OS 22621.1413.

“This security update includes improvements that were a part of update KB5022913 (released February 28, 2023).” Tulis Microsoft.

Through the writing given by Microsoft above, then we can conclude that the company provides the same feature support as they have provided for Windows 11 Moment 2 which they released last February. So to see what changes and new features will be obtained, you can just look at the Moment 2 version.

A number of improvements are of course provided by Microsoft, well some of the improvements provided include the following:

  • This update implements phase three of Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) hardening. See KB5004442. After you install this update, you cannot turn off the changes using the registry key.
  • This update addresses an issue that affects a computer account and Active Directory. When you reuse an existing computer account to join an Active Directory domain, joining fails. This occurs on devices that have installed Windows updates dated October 11, 2022, or later. The error message is, “Error 0xaac (2732): NERR_AccountReuseBlockedByPolicy: ‘An account with the same name exists in Active Directory. Re-using the account was blocked by the security policy.’” For more information, see KB5020276.

So far Microsoft doesn't seem to have shared much of their information regarding this month's update, but it will be revealed after the next few days.