Microsoft's New Project: Launching a Mobile App Store Competitor to Apple and Google


Microsoft's New Project: Launching a Mobile App Store Competitor to Apple and Google

The world's leading company, Microsoft is now starting to provide leaks for their future plans. Microsoft plans to launch their own versions of the App Store and Play Store, which will later become competitors from Apple and Google, Tuesday (14/03).

Microsoft is famous as one of the giant companies that do participate in technology development, for ordinary people may only know this company in the field of Software development and also Personal Computer technology. Though Microsoft has also released their own phones.

Although they have indeed released a series of phones through the Microsoft Surface Duo, but for the operating system they still use the Android system instead of Windows. This may be because the company is still having trouble making Windows systems to support in Mobile Apps. Of course, there are many considerations for this.

But Microsoft did not give up, they had plans to create a Mobile App Store base that would be a competitor or competitor of the App Store service from Apple and the Google Play Store from the Google company.

Some time ago, we also provided information about the results of an interview from Phil Spencer stating that the company already has a regulator on this.

"We definitely get support from regulators when we talk about opening up mobile and being a credible third-party alternative on those devices — and we're a long way from there today." Spencer said via The Times.

For the App Store service, Microsoft actually already has it, but it is only limited to Windows PC users which presents the Microsoft Store. Of course it will be interesting if this service is presented in the Android version.

The competition between Android and Microsoft itself seems to be not smelled at all, the company still provides support for the Android system in Microsoft Duo with features such as Android Microsoft Platform & Expericence.

The company also still gives their trust to Android, which provides integration support between Android devices and Windows itself. The latest update of Windows 11 even further strengthens the Windows and Android systems through the Phone Link feature.

So what do you think? Will the App Store service from Microsoft be a new competitor to Apple and Google in the future? Let us know about it by sharing your opinion in the comments.