Officially Opened! Microsoft Opens Edge Workspace Collaboration


Officially Opened! Microsoft Opens Edge Workspace Collaboration

In order to realize a perfect system and service, now Microsoft will start collaborating with its loyal users again through the Edge Workspace Preview service. Microsoft itself has announced the release of this collaboration, Sunday (26/03).

Microsoft has now announced that it has released enrollment of the Edge version of what they call the Edge Workspace Preview, which as the name suggests that the company will open this version of Edge into a Preview for some users who want to join.

Launching from the company's official page, for users who want to continue to get feature collaboration, they can use Edge Chromium version 111.0.1661.51 or later, to register you can directly visit the following page.

For those of you who may not know about this collaboration feature, users will later get access to join the same Tab for five users who have been invited by the Admin, later each user will work together to run one browser with the same Tab virtually.

This feature was first leaked by Microsoft through Ignite 2022 yesterday, where they will include collaboration features and finally this year in March 2023 will be the first month of the release of Edge Workspace.

“At Ignite 2022, we announced Edge Workspaces, the multiplayer browsing experience that lets you organize projects in separate, customizable browser windows which can be easily shared with others. Collaborators in a workspace share the same set of tabs so they can easily stay in sync and browse together. Previously, Edge Workspaces was only available as an enterprise public preview, but today we’re expanding that preview for anyone who wants to try it out at home on your own, or with friends and family.”

However, for those of you who may have tried to shoulder the browser and also registered but never got this collaboration feature, then most likely you will not get it. This is because Microsoft in fact only provides access to this collaboration in a limited number.

Therefore, for those of you who do not get access to this feature, it is most likely because the number of registrants has exceeded the maximum capacity.