Samsung Starts Developing the Latest Processors, Ready in 2027?


Samsung Starts Developing the Latest Processors, Ready in 2027?


Samsung has scored quite a good achievement if you review from the processor development they did, last year they successfully released the Tensor G2 which is the result of cooperation from Google. Now, Samsung is developing a processor that is claimed to enter the High-End class, Tuesday (07/03).

Reporting from one of the rumors we got, Samsung began to gather their team for the development of their own processor, which will be the first base CPU and ARM of Samsung. Rumor has it that the company will use this processor for the Galaxy Brand which will be launched in 2027.

However, Samsung will plan to introduce their processors in the coming 2025. But we haven't got any detailed information on whether Samsung will indeed release this in their phone series or other product series.

One of the information that is a little doubtful in our opinion is Samsung's decision to use their processor, where they will use CPU Cores instead of designs from ARM, although ARM is now popular, the company seems to still choose to use CPU Core.

Rumor has it that this processor will be used in electronic products from Samsung and Smartphones being one of them, maybe they will use this processor in tablet and Galaxy Watch variants?

Samsung was once recorded trying to develop their own processor, where once dedicated its team in Austin, Texas, United States. But this time it seems that the company will start developing their processors in South Korea.

According to GSMArena, Samsung does use processors from Qualcomm for their flagship series through the Galaxy S23 Series, but perhaps Samsung feels using their own CPU Core will enhance the phone's capabilities with better optimization than Samsung.

"Going ARM-less (ARM-free?) would be quite a huge step though, and so we're leaning more towards assuming that the report might have gotten this fact wrong. Samsung can still use heavily customized ARM designs, just like Qualcomm does, it doesn't need to fully develop CPU cores on its own in order to succeed at competing with Qualcomm and MediaTek."

Meanwhile, Samsung is known to have used Qualcomm and its latest variant has run phones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC.