Something New! It's the New UI of Podcasts in YouTube Music


Something New! It's the New UI of Podcasts in YouTube Music

Google announced a few months ago that its Google Podcasts service would be merged with YouTube Music this year. Now we can see directly the leaked new UI of the two services which were finally merged, Friday (31/03).

Yesterday Google got an extraordinary achievement through Podcasts, which became the most downloaded service with 500 million downloads on the Play Store, beating its competitor, Spotify. Now Google is getting more steady with the release of Podcasts that will be combined with the YouTube Music platform. Here's a brief explanation from Google:

In Now Playing, next/last has been replaced by 30-second forward and 10-second rewind, which matches Google Podcasts. You also get Playback Speed options from .25x to 2.0 in quarter increments, like on YouTube videos, as well as a sleep timer.

Thumbs up/down flanks the episode and podcast name, with square cover art appearing underneath an Audio/Video switcher. “Details” replaces the “Lyrics” tab with a full description appearing here. The Up Next queue included an “Episodes for later” shortcut.

The episode page, with a URL, features the same description and a bookmark button that connects to the “Episode for Later” auto playlist. That’s found in Library, along with “New Episodes.” They appear alongside other albums and playlists, while you get a “Podcasts” filter up top.

When listening to Podcasts on YouTube Music, the interface does look almost the same as listening to songs as usual. Users will get a Podcast Cover and also the option to Like/Unlike. In addition, users can speed up the Podcast to the next 30 seconds, beside which users will be given a time feature with a crescent moon icon. Users can use this feature to set the length of time the Podcast is listened to.

This view also gives users access to see the total duration, release date, description and several other features. YouTube Musc will also display a "Played" note when the user is listening to a podcast instead of a song.

No less interesting is the Search Bar feature, where users will get Tabs / Filters that display a variety of features such as Keep Listening, Your Show, New Episodes, Podcasts and Recommended Episodes.

Isn't it interesting? Of course, for those who like to play Podcasts can now enjoy two different services on one platform, namely YouTube Music.