Exclusive! Take a peek at the new look of Microsoft 365 AI ChatGPT


Exclusive! Take a peek at the new look of Microsoft 365 AI ChatGPT

Microsoft this year will provide their integration for a number of enterprise services, where the integration provided is ChatGPT AI technology. Now they have provided this support in Microsoft 365 with the "Copilot" feature from ChatGPT, Monday (03/04).

A few weeks ago, Microsoft did announce that they would develop ChatGPT technology into some of their services including Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365. This month Microsoft officially integrated Microsoft 365 services with Copilot which is part of ChatGPT.

So what's the point? Now about this, Microsoft explained that by using Copilot, consumers will be helped by access to write documents, analyze data to make presentations and reports in Excel.

“Microsoft 365 Copilot can help you write documents, analyze data or reports in Excel, create presentations and more. Microsoft announced Office 365 Copilot in a virtual press meeting hosted on March 16 and posted videos highlighting the new AI tech. Details on the availability of Microsoft 365 Copilot were scarce, but it seems that Microsoft has already started working on the integration. We have got out hands on with an early version of “Copilot for Word” in Windows 10 and Windows 11, available to select users only. This feature is hidden in the latest Office Word for Insiders (Beta Channel), and it doesn’t work properly, at least for now.”

In general, its function is quite interesting for those who want to get faster content by utilizing Copilot earlier. Some things that can be done include the following:
  • Suggesting or rewriting content for your word
  • Finding the right image
  • Taking care of formatting details
  • Suggesting or rewriting content for your word
  • Generate Summary From Document
  • Open Writers UnBlock Dialog
  • Show Editor PaneAI Feedback Skittle Launch

The above is an example of a user request to write a document through Copilot, although this feature sometimes cannot work and displays an error message when Copilot does not understand the user's request.

What do you think? AI integration is indeed being favored by several companies not only Microsoft but Opera, DuckDuckGo to Google.