Microsoft Releases Edge Chromium 112, Brings Security Protection


Microsoft Releases Edge Chromium 112, Brings Security Protection

Microsoft has now officially released their latest browser version through Edge, which is currently entering Edge Chromium version 112.0.1722.34 or Edge Chromium 112. The release also presents several improvements such as a better security system, Saturday (08/04).

A few weeks after they provided a lot of support for new features in Edge, now the company has announced that they have officially released Edge Chromium 112. Its release to version 112 can be said to be faster than some other Chromium browsers.

Regarding what improvements they provide, one of them is a security system that now supports WebAssembly for those users of Edge Chromium 112 on PCs with ARM64. With this, it means that Edge Chromium 112 has provided support to be used on several PC versions such as x64 Windows/MacOS/Linux and devices with ARM64 support.

Of course with this improvement, Microsoft through Edge Chromium 112 provides better security system support for users when surfing the internet more safely and comfortably without fear of data leakage and hacking.

WebAppInstallForceList is one of the features on the Edge Chromium 112 configuration page, where by using this feature an administrator will be given the ability to set a list of what WebApps are installed secretly by their User Interactions. The following feature updates are provided by Microsoft through the Release Note:

  • Enhanced security mode improvements. Enhanced security mode now supports WebAssembly for ARM64. Cross-platform support is now available for x64 Windows, x64 macOS, x64 Linux and ARM64 systems. For more information, see Browse more safely with Microsoft Edge.
  • Added features for web app policy. The WebAppInstallForceList policy lets administrators configure a list of web apps that install silently, without user interaction, and which users can’t uninstall or turn off. This policy now supports custom_name, which permanently overrides the app name of installed apps and custom_icon, which permanently overrides the app icon of installed apps.
  • In-browser JSON viewer. Improvements to how JSON files are displayed in the browser, which includes a color-coded tree view with line numbers and the ability to collapse and expand the data. This functionality will trigger automatically when the browser navigates to a JSON file on the web or the user opens a local one. Additional features and enhancements will roll out as available. For more information, see View formatted JSON – Microsoft Edge Development. Note: This is a controlled feature rollout. If you don’t see this feature, check back as we continue our rollout or you can navigate to edge://flags and search for JSON Viewer to manually enable.
  • Updated new tab page policy. The NewTabPageHideDefaultTopSites policy hides the default top sites from the new tab page in Microsoft Edge. Starting on March 20th, when the policy is enabled it will also remove sponsored quick links from the new tab page.

Best friend of Blogmagz! Hurry up and update the Edge you are using to version 112 and get the benefits of the features provided by Microsoft.