Sidebar in Edge Can Be Repositioned, Release Later on Windows


Sidebar in Edge Can Be Repositioned, Release Later on Windows

Microsoft recently brought back a feature that is no less important in Microsoft Edge which is intended for the Sidebar feature contained in it. Interestingly, according to leaked information circulating at this time Edge services will have a new UI for their Sidebar, Saturday (15/04).

Microsoft has introduced Sidebar in Microsoft Edge recently, where they provide this for the first time in version 104.0.1293.63 which will work like a quick shortcut access recommended by Microsoft itself.

Uniquely, further development is of course still provided by Microsoft and one of them is by changing the position of the Sidebar in Edge. Previously there were many users who said that they did not like the appearance of the Sidebar, because it would cover the appearance of web pages when surfing the internet.

But now the Sidebar in Edge will appear with a new UI that allows users to be able to see the changed position of the Sidebar, now when accessed it will appear on the hidden right side side as follows:

This was first obtained by those Edge Canary users with version 114.0.1791.0 where users can manage the Sidebar by making it visible attached to the desktop right side of the screen. Unique and interesting, isn't it? The display will not interfere with the appearance of Tabs in Edge.

It's even as if the UI of Windows 11 has two different types of Taskbar, when in fact it's just the Sidebar of Edge. This improvement is quite interesting to be presented later, also to return its position to the original mode just need to press the 'X' icon on the bottom side.

Microsoft seems to be following what its users want, the company has received a lot of requests for display improvements by those PC users with Dual-Monitor so this improvement will certainly be a special attraction.

Meanwhile, this feature itself is not yet known when it will be released because until now Microsoft has not provided further information about when this feature will be released for all Edge users outside Canary. We just have to wait until finally they will release this update in the future.