Steam on Windows 11 Experienced a Decline in Users, Suddenly Dropped!


Steam on Windows 11 Experienced a Decline in Users, Suddenly Dropped!

Steam is one of the platforms that gets a lot of users from Windows PCs, even according to the data they share users in early 2023 have increased. Not long ago, since last March, Steam users experienced a sudden decline, Tuesday (04/04).

Steam in early January 2023 yesterday gave a leak of Windows 11 users who experienced an increase in their platform which reached 29%. This achievement is arguably high, because previously Windows 11 users did not reach this percentage.

Not long ago, precisely in March 2023, Steam again released their data showing the total users, both Windows 7 to the latest Windows 11. Unfortunately, Steam users on Windows 11 have decreased drastically from the original 22% to 9% only!

Our speculation is because Windows 11 users are down to the Windows 10 operating system, where it is seen that Windows 10 users even experienced an increase by gaining about 11% of the previous month's increase. This data is not always accurate, considering of course not all Windows users take this survey. But at least we get an idea of what version of the operating system gets the most active users on various platforms.

The decline in total Steam users on Windows 11 and Windows 10 is not new, on some platforms even experiencing the same issue. Microsoft as a company can certainly see what is wrong with their system, in development Windows 11 has indeed been given the latest features with qualified technology.

So where does the error lie? Of course, especially if it is not a system request from Windows 11 22H2 itself, Microsoft has indeed released the minimum Windows 11 specifications that must be adhered to by users who want to run a Windows 11 system with stable performance.

Unfortunately, there are many Windows 10 users who are reluctant to switch because the requested specifications are too high. As a result, there are more Windows 11 users than Windows 11. Although Microsoft has provided support for Unsupported Windows 11 Devices on some PCs, but of course the features are not complete.

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