WSA on Windows 11 Brings Improved Performance and PiP Mode


WSA on Windows 11 Brings Improved Performance and PiP Mode

Microsoft yesterday has provided the latest update for those users of Windows 10, Windows 11 21H2 and 22H2 for the April 2023 Cummulative Update which presents a number of improvements, now followed by the latest update from WSA in Windows 11, Thursday (13/04).

After successfully rolling out updates for the Cummulative Update that they routinely upload every month, now the company is back to present their latest update for WSA in Windows 11, the company has provided the latest update that fixes several issues and also better performance improvements.

One of the features presented by Microsoft is Picture-in-Picture, an improvement provided to allow WSA users on Windows 11 to reduce the window size of Android applications that are being run in WSA through Native Apps.

This feature is abbreviated to PiP, to use it, users only need to increase the size of the application to full and later click the PiP icon which will automatically open PiP Mode. With this, users can immediately open other applications in Windows, and can even open other applications in WSA.

"So how does picture-in-picture mode work in Android Subsystem for Windows? All you need to do is open an app in full-screen mode as you would generally do and click the new PiP icon, which should shrink the app into the PiP mode. Now, you can open other Windows or Android apps and reposition the PiP Android app around your screen. You can test WSA's PiP mode with YouTube and improve your multitasking experience. This feature is available in Windows Subsystem for Android version 2303.40000.3.0 in the Windows Insider Channels. Microsoft officials describe this feature as a new way to improve the "flexibility" of running mobile apps on PC."

The PiP also gets improved support for performance, the company claims that it also brings lighter performance update support to run more than one Android app on WSA Windows 11.

Good news, a number of feature improvements are also presented through Microsoft for Linux Kernel in version 5.15.78 and make it able to run on platforms with the Android 13 security system that is more capable in the latest WSA.