Google to Start Testing AI in 'Google Search'


Google to Start Testing AI in 'Google Search'


This May Google began rolling out some of their in-depth experiments for the development of better technology in Google Search, recently the latest information said that Google will start bringing their AI in Search to facilitate a better search experience

ChatGPT technology is currently in great demand by internet users, which is not without reason but there are many advantages they offer. Google as a giant company engaged in technology certainly will not stand still, they are currently in trials to present ChatBot technology through Google Search.

The development of AI technology from Google is not new, before Microsoft and OpenAI released ChatGPT Google had been rumored to be developing their AI project which was originally named LaMDA.

Today, Google along with Google I/O explained that they are developing a new feature that brings their AI to Google Search, even they have released it to a small number of users, namely in the United States Region. Unfortunately, only the United States has received this trial and it is not yet available globally.

To be able to access it is also easy, users can access it through Google Chrome on iOS, Android and Windows. So what are the advantages of AI that are now presented through Google Search? Well, the function is most likely almost the same as what is in Bing from Microsoft.

We can search for a specific cake recipe and then Google Search will provide information such as images, and equipped with a description of how to make and also what ingredients are needed to make the cake.

Google claims through the AI they present users can search for things or keywords that are much more complex, which includes ordering shopping from online shopping sites to checking reviews, prices and images of the store you want.

What do you think about the AI development that is now starting to be released on Google Search? Of course, we have to use it directly to know how far this feature can be compared with ChatGPT from Microsoft and OpenAI. Write your thoughts in the comments below!