Microsoft Confirms Problematic VPNs


Microsoft Confirms Problematic VPNs


Some time ago Microsoft itself has given Windows 11 22H2 users the latest update, where users get the May 2023 Cummulative Update which brings a number of performance improvements. Microsoft also recently confirmed that the update brought problems in the VPN feature

This time the company realized one thing from the mistakes they have brought since the release of the Cummulative Update for May 2023 that they released some time ago. It turns out that the company found an issue that caused the VPN on Windows 11 to not work properly. This is after they present the Cummulative Update that has been received by Windows 11 users.

This problem does not cause the VPN connection that the user is using to be problematic, but this connection causes the VPN connection to be slower. Access to the VPN connection is still well connected, but users will feel slower performance even though network access can be said to be normal.

Not only that, Microsoft also found that connections from RDP also run slowly, this certainly causes problems for users who often access privacy networks using VPNs.

"No problems connecting to the VPN, just once you get in the speeds are extremely slow, and RDP basically just times out. A quick search of the web confirms that KB5025305 causes speed issues on L2TP/IPsec VPN. Our users are facing this, with a strange oddity: a group of 5-6 users is able to get 100m down and 80m up speeds, but the vast majority get sub 1m down and sub 1m up speeds." Obviously Microsoft via Bleeping.

Regarding the issue they found, users are advised to temporarily not use the VPN access available on Windows 11. Until this article was written the company has not released any announcements regarding the fixes they will bring, it is likely that Microsoft will release these fixes in the form of system updates.

Meanwhile, if Windows 11 users still want to access network privacy services then we recommend using VPN applications from different platforms such as Google One to NordVPN, which is still running well.