Download Among Us for PC Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Download Among Us for PC Latest 2024 (Free Download)


Who has played Among Us games? It was a very popular game in its time and was even talked about on social media. The players also come from various ages, from children to adults.

Until now, there are still people who play this game even though it is not as popular as some time ago. It used to be that people played this game on their smartphones. But now you can also play the game through your computer or laptop.

Among Us for PC will provide a different experience compared to playing the mobile version. By playing it on a much larger screen, of course, the excitement will be even more pronounced.

That's why many are more curious to play Among Us for PC. Especially with the presence of features in the game, it makes it even more recommended for you to play.

Among Us for PC Features

You also find some features in Among Us for PC in the mobile version. Here's information about its features.

1. Game Voice Chat

One of the important things to make you a winner is how you figure out if someone is lying or not. For existing updates, there is a voice chat system. However, players tend to choose to use text instead of voice because it is considered easier to plan a lying strategy.

2. Unique Costumes

Players can also change the color of the character as desired. The number of character colors you change is up to 12 options.

In addition, Among Us for PC players can also add head coverings, specify skins, and buy pets. Everything is available complete and you just have to choose what you want.

3. Game Map

Until now, players have become accustomed to using three similar maps, namely Polus, Skeld Base, and Mira. Developer Among Us for PC has provided information that there is already a new map.

The new map will give a more interesting impression when playing Among Us for PC. The excitement of the game will really get them.

4. Graphics Quality

Since you're playing the PC version, Among Us for PC has better graphics. The appearance of characters and other objects in the game feels more relieved with the support of a large screen.

Download Among Us for PC new

That's all about Among Us for PC. A game that is still fun to play today. Moreover, there is already a PC version that will provide a different experience compared to playing it on a mobile phone.

The excitement of Among Us for PC is also supported by better graphics quality, making it even more fun to play. But first, you have to download it. Download the latest Among Us for PC via the link below: