Download Cisco Webex Meetings (Latest 2024)


Download Cisco Webex Meetings (Latest 2024)


Technological advances have provided many benefits to human life. One of them has to do with communication Nowadays we can communicate with anyone and anywhere without limited time.

Even during pandemic conditions like today, we can still do communication because there are many applications that make it easier for us to do this. One of the applications that we will discuss this time is Cisco Webex Meetings.

Although now we may be more familiar with names such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Duo, and others, that does not mean Cisco Webex Meetings are no less quality. Even the name Cisco Webex Meetings began to be widely known to people and more and more people used it. We will explain information about this application below.

What is Cisco Webex Meetings?

As the name implies, Cisco Webex Meetings is an application used to conduct meetings. This means that this application can communicate via audio and video online.

Cisco Webex Meetings does provide several menus such as web conference, video conference, and content sharing that you will later present. The content available in Cisco Webex Meetings can be audio, images, or video and even applications on your device.

In addition, Cisco Webex Meetings also has a variety of interesting features that are sure to make you fall in love with this application. By using Cisco Webex Meetings, you can determine or schedule when you should conduct meetings.

At first glance, it is almost the same as the Zoom application, but of course Cisco Webex Meetings has several advantages that you don't find in Zoom or other applications.

Features of Cisco Webex Meetings

What are the features contained in Cisco Webex Meetings? Here is the answer:

  • Information about Meeting Rooms: through this feature, you can find out information about web conferencing addresses. There will be a link, meeting number, and password so you can enter the meeting
  • Information about Recording Status: indicates that the meeting being held is being recorded
  • Speaker Name: the speaker's name will appear so you can know roughly what the name of the person who is speaking is
  • Setup Priority View: by using this feature, you can manage who you will appear on the priority screen
  • Setup Layout View: You can easily change the various views in the layout view. The default setting is presenter view
  • Screen button: You can set whether you want to display full screen or partial screen
  • Mute Mic button: this feature allows you to turn the mic off or on
  • Show Speakers: by activating presenter view, any active speaker can appear on the screen

Download Cisco Webex Meetings

Actually, there are still several other features owned by Cisco Webex Meetings. If you are curious, please download the application and feel the advantages and sophistication of the features offered. Download the latest and free Cisco Webex Meetings for Windows via the link below: