Download the Latest GB WhatsApp 2024


Download the Latest GB WhatsApp 2024


What chat applications do you usually use in everyday life? Generally, Indonesian people use the WhatsApp application more to exchange messages, as well as call. Because this application includes a chat application that is quite light when used.

What's more, the WhatsApp application has a variety of features that really help us in communicating over long distances. The features that are often used on WhatsApp are voice calls, video calls, voice notes and so on. Not only do we communicate through voice and video, we can also share files such as videos, images, and so on.

Thanks to its popularity, the WhatsApp application is also often developed by third parties in order to build a modified form of the application. So that the features and functionality of the application are increasingly sophisticated. For example, like GB WhatsApp. Want to know more about GB WhatsApp? Check out the article below, yes.

What is GB WhatsApp?

WA GB or abbreviation of Gb WhatsAPp is one of the modified versions of the official WhatsApp application that we can use. Because this application is a MOD version of the application, so we cannot find it on the Google Play Store service. But we have to visit the browser website or external APK to be able to download the WA GB application file.

The purpose of third-party developer WA GB to form the MOD version of WhatsApp is to provide a new experience for its users by providing various additional features. Surely these additional features you will never get in the original WhatsApp application. To install this WA GB application, you do not need to uninstall your original WhatsApp application.

In this application, you can customize the application through the appearance and features that exist. No need to worry, because in the latest version of this WA GB application, it has been claimed to be safe, responsive and anti-banned. So for users who are still hesitant to use it now there is no need to worry about its security.

Features and Benefits of GB WhatsApp

As explained earlier, WA GB is an option for users who want to have additional features that never existed in the original WA. Here are some excellent features of WA GB.

1. Complete Privacy Options

The main feature that is most targeted by GB WhatsApp users is the privacy feature. Where on WA GB, the privacy features are more complete than the original WhatsApp application. You can set further privacy in the WA GB application. Because, here you have full control over the WA application.

You also have the right to make your availability rules visible or not. The privacy settings in question are such as: Double Click, Online status, Bluestick, recording status, typing status, scheduling messages, to microphone settings.

2. Scheduling and Canceling Automated Messages

With WA GB, you have the ability to schedule messages to be sent to multiple contacts that you have previously selected. In fact, you can also broadcast the message to all contacts on your cellphone at a certain time.

Compose a message and choose the time and date to send the message very easily. That way you can confirm it to do scheduling. This feature is also often used by users to be able to reply to messages automatically.

3. Send Uncompressed Files

Usually, if we send a file such as an image using the original WA, then the image will decrease in quality. Well, this is very different if you use the WA GB application. Because the file will not be compressed.

So if you send an image or video directly, you will not find the quality of the file changes to lower. Because with WA GB, the quality of the original file will be more maintained.

4. Large Selection of Themes

Of all the features available in WA GB, the theme selection feature is a favorite for some WA GB users. You can customize the theme from the menu to the chat view. WA GB also complements its features with interesting emojis and themes and many to be applied according to the mode we want.

5. Filter Messages

You can select an entire chat from multiple messages at once. Not only that, but you can also delete some chats from all your messages. In fact, you can also delete some chats that you want very easily.

6. Manage Notifications

You can get notifications if contacts in your WA change their profiles. Pop-up notifications in this application can also be adjusted according to the settings. Not only that, but you can also hide pop-up notifications from the main screen.

7. Anti-Banned

WA GB is an application that has been claimed to be safe to use. Even this application is able to secure the privacy of users' chats much better than the original WA. So that WA GB has provided an anti-banne feature that keeps users safe and comfortable when using the application.

8. Multiple Account Login

Another excellent feature of WA GB is that it supports logging into multiple accounts or commonly referred to as multiple accounts. You can manage all your WA accounts with just 1 WA application. This is very useful for those of you who have WA for business purposes.

9. DND Mode

The 'Do Not Disturb' mode feature on the WA GB application is very helpful if you don't want to be known to be online when you are accessing WA or just want to surf the internet.

10. Send Large Files

With WA GB, you can send large files with the original quality. This is very different from the original WA which does not support sending large files. What's more, the submitted files will be compressed.

Download the Latest GB WhatsApp (Anti-Banned)

WA GB is also a very popular application for android users. This is because the many features they want are all available in the WA GB application. You can explore a wide variety of features, such as customizing fonts and themes, automatic replies, extra privacy, sending large files, more emoji variations, and so on.

Those are some things about WhatsApp GB that you need to know. Interested in using WA GB? You can download the latest GB WhatsApp for free via the link below: