Google Maps can find similar food images!


Google Maps can find similar food images!



Who here often uses Google Maps? Did you know yet that Google provides improvements to the search engine on Google Maps? This feature is not widely known but you must try.

In the latest version of Google Maps you will get a feature specifically made for those of you who want to find a Caffe or restaurant, where you can also search for a place to eat by showing what kind of food you want. Later Google Maps will look for a nearby location that has the same food menu list as what you are looking for.

For example, when you want to find a place to eat with a Pasta menu, you only need to upload pictures of Pasta food. After that, Maps will show a list of restaurants or places to eat that offer similar food, interesting right?

Not only that, you will also get information about how much it costs, to a list of popular and special Vegetarian foods easily and quickly. Of course all this is thanks to the help of AI, who else if not Bard.

“Dish information is collected from Google users and businesses. Google analyzes the aggregated data, but doesn’t verify every attribute.” Dikutip dari 9to5Google.

Now for those of you who might visit the location and find that the menu list or price is not correct, you can also edit it and add notes. So it works like when we edit Wikipedia, so that other potential visitors also get relevant information.

“You can also tap Suggest an edit (Edit, Incorrect, or Offensive dish name + Dish not served here) and See the menu to take you to the dedicated tab (but not the actual line item). Google Maps looks to be using both user-provided captions and object recognition to label the dishes. Not all food pics carry this menu card today, but this is definitely a step in the right direction as descriptions in Google Maps aren’t as common — in my experience — compared to other similar services.”

What do you think about the new features in Google Maps? You can also try it, comment if this feature works in your area.