Google & Spotify Have No Plans to Create Native Apps on Vision Pro


Google & Spotify Have No Plans to Create Native Apps on Vision Pro



Netflix recently gave their information about plans to make a Native App in Apple's latest AR, Vision Pro. Netflix has said that they have not been able to make a Native App to support AR displays on Apple-made devices.

Following Netflix, today there are Google and Spotify stating the same thing. Google itself brings YouTube as an application requested for support by Apple, it is undeniable indeed because YouTube has great potential to become one of the Main Apps to find entertainment shows on social media.

Likewise with Spotify, as the most popular Music Streaming platform currently the company has not provided support to create a Native App specifically for Vision Pro. These platforms will have to be developed and adapted to visionOS App, although indeed the features can still be accessed as usual through a browser but of course the experience of using it will be different.

Google's YouTube and Spotify Technology SA, the world's most popular video and music services, are joining Netflix Inc. in steering clear of Apple Inc.'s upcoming mixed-reality headset.

YouTube said in a statement Thursday that it isn't planning to launch a new app for the Apple Vision Pro, nor will it allow its longstanding iPad application to work on the device — at least, for now. YouTube, like Netflix, is recommending that customers use a web browser if they want to see its content: "YouTube users will be able to use YouTube in Safari on the Vision Pro at launch."

 Apple Inc. certainly has to find other alternatives because so far many platforms have not given their time to develop AR Apps versions, where one of them is Spotify which has never provided Native Apps on Meta Quest (Meta version AR), while Google through YouTube is recorded to have given it.

Meta also did not confirm whether they will also release Natve App on Vision Pro or vice versa. Meanwhile, Apple Vision Pro will be released and start opening the Pre-Order period on February 2, 2024.