Samsung Galaxy S24 in China, backed by Baidu rather than Google


Samsung Galaxy S24 in China, backed by Baidu rather than Google


Samsung has now opened the Pre-Order period for the release of the Galaxy S24 Series, Samsung provides interesting highlights that the Galaxy S24 will be equipped using Artificial Intelligence or AI features. In China they will use Baidu instead of Google, Saturday (27/01).

Maybe most of you already know that Baidu is a popular search engine in China, it can be said that its performance works as a substitute for Google in China. Google itself is not used in the country, because the Chinese government chose to create their own search engine that is no less cool of course.

Samsung's AI features allow users to be integrated with Google's system, so any search will be connected to Google. But in China Samsung chose to abide by its rules, where they will use Baidu as an AI system. This of course they must obey, because they will participate in marketing this latest series in China.

Quoting from CNBC, Baidu will be integrated with AI made by Samsung in the Galaxy S24 Series. Baidu also previously confirmed that they already have Ernie 4.0 which has linked to OpenAI GPT-4.

The Ernie 4.0 version was launched on October. Baidu claims it is the "most powerful version of Ernie foundation model to date," with the full capabilities of understanding, generation, reasoning, and memory. Baidu has also claimed Ernie 4.0′s capabilities are as advanced as those of OpenAI's GPT-4 model. "It has been significantly improved compared to the online version of Ernie bot and now it is not inferior to GPT-4," said CEO Robin Li during the Baidu World 2023 event in October.

' The development provided allows users to get access to more sophisticated AI, Baidu itself said that in December 2023 yesterday its users reached 100 million active users after they released the Chatbot version to the public.

With this, Baidu followed ChatGPT which also reached 100 million users after a few months of release. What do you think? Samsung is certainly cool by choosing to configure their system for Baidu so as not to lose the market in China.