Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6, Has a Larger Battery Capacity


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6, Has a Larger Battery Capacity



In 2023, Samsung has given a new breakthrough from their Z Flip design which has used a larger screen and certainly better in terms of specifications. In 2024, Samsung will again release the Galaxy Z Flip6 phone series which comes with a number of improvements, of course.


The increase brought by Samsung is battery capacity, at least until now we get information that the Galaxy Z Flip6 is likely to be released using a larger battery capacity. If it is true, then at least we should compare it with the Galaxy Z Flip5 released yesterday, don't you think?

Galaxy Z Flip5 itself was released yesterday using a battery capacity of up to 3,700 mAh while for the Galaxy Z Flip6 itself rumors will use a capacity of 4,000 mAh, rising to 300 mAh higher. Of course this size is still smaller than Oppo which released their Find N3 Flip with a capacity of up to 4,300 mAh.

"Like all foldables, the Flip6's total battery capacity is split between two cells, one for each side. One of those is rated at 1,097 mAh and the other at 2,790 mAh. That's a total of 3,887 mAh rated capacity, which should translate into a 4,000 mAh typical capacity since the vanilla S24 has a rated capacity of 3,880 mAh which is advertised as a typical capacity of 4,000 mAh.

For comparison, note that the Galaxy Z Flip5 has one cell rated at 971 mAh, the other at 2,620 mAh, for a grand total of 3,591 mAh rated capacity – which translates into the aforementioned 3,700 mAh typical capacity."

What about other leaks? So far the Galaxy Z Flip6 still has very few leaked specifications, but we assume most likely Samsung still provides support specifications that are almost the same as the previous version for the main screen to the Cover Screen which will still use 760p resolution and 3.9-Inch Cover Display.

As for the main camera, it is likely to come with a resolution of 50MP and 12MP Snapper. Comment below if you find any additional information.